Hello, My name is Aida (A.P.) and I am the Founder of A.P.Line.

Just over three years ago my mother Ausra (A.P.) and I decided to combine our skills and ideas to start a bespoke clothing line for modern day woman. Ausra contributed to the brand with her creative designs and 20 years of experience in atelier services and garment making. While I, with my over 5 years of experience and knowledge about the fashion industry, brought the story and the brand to life.

I have been surrounded by fashion since childhood and always had a great passion for it. Each day I would see my mother wearing her gorgeously designed dresses and think about how wonderful it could be to share it with everyone. This is how we decided to make it easier for women to find a perfect dress that she could wear every day and on special occasions with very little effort.

The two letters A.P. in our brand name represents something very important to us – our family. Every person in the family has the exact same initials and each of us contributed to making this dream a reality.

From our humble beginnings in our hometown Kaunas, a lot of sleepless nights and stressful days we have managed to distribute A.P. Line clothes all around Lithuania, customize and deliver dresses to hundreds of girls in the country. Ever since the first collection we launched, each order has been made with passion, love, and attention to details. All our garments are tailor-made from scratch – one artisan handles your order from start to finish, making a garment to your unique specification. Every stitch is considered and everything, down to the hand-sewn buttons, is undertaken with care. We believe that every woman is different: her body, her preferences, her style… her clothes should be too. We empower a modern woman to express her individuality. Therefore, every garment purchased online is tailored proportionally to our customer’s unique measurements.

I genuinely believe the reason we have grown so much in the past few years was that we are truly passionate, love what we do and we put our hearts in it. Every single compliment or appreciation from our wonderful customers inspires us to grow and reach more ladies all around the world. Please leave your feedback about your experience with A.P.

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