Hi A.P. visitors,

2017 has been an incredible year for the brand and I would love to tell you more about exciting changes and the growth of the label.

From the day we launched A.P. Line thought of opening our own store has never left my mind. The idea of having a shop where women could order their perfectly fitted, unique dress sounded unrealistic at that time. Time passed, we expanded, got more and more attention, and finally decided to risk it all and make our dream a reality.

After a year of looking for a perfect place, working with the best architects and bringing the concept to life, the store was done. A.P. Studio was ready to open for public. So May has been such an exciting month for us, as we finally had our new headquarters in the hometown Kaunas and the store that truly represents who we are.

The day we have been waiting for so long finally came – was time to open the doors of A.P. Studio. It is hard to explain how nervous and excited we were that week, but all the effort and hard work was worth it. The success of the opening weekend was something unbelievable. We are really grateful to all the loyal customers and visitors that came to see the store.

It’s been such a rewarding year for the label, as we settled into our new store and were committed to bringing the shopping experience we have always imagined and one that we can be proud of. We have an exceptional customer service team that is always there to help our customers. At A.P. Studio you can get recommendations on what to wear for special occasions, styling advice and suggestions on what suits you best. You can find more than 100 different designs, a wide range of colors and styles, so there is always something for everyone. If you have trouble finding the perfect fit and wish to order a garment to your unique preferences, the team will measure you and notify when the order is ready. As if this was not enough, every week in the Studio you can find 3-8 new designs or new color/fabric options for the current collection.

We are extremely happy to hear great feedback from customers that have visited the store and we continue to improve our services all the time. Maybe one day you will find an A.P. Studio in your town! 🙂

Always happy to hear from you. Please do connect with us in your favorite way – send us some love on Instagram, say hello on Facebook or give us your thoughts on the ‘Contact’ page.


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