Romance Skirt


Long Chiffon and Mini Neoprene Skirt
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This two piece skirt is a perfect choice if you want to make a statement during a night out. Climb on high stilettos and clutch a bejeweled bag for evening lustre.

Handmade in Lithuania.


XS (US 0-2, UK 4-6)

Bust: up to 88 cm
Waist: 64-68 cm
Hips: 89-93 cm

S (US 2-4, UK 6-8)

Bust: 88-92 cm
Waist: 68-76 cm
Hips: 93-100 cm

M (US 4-6, UK 8-10)

Bust: 92-96 cm
Waist: 76-80 cm
Hips: 100-105 cm

L (US 6-8, UK 10-12)

Bust: 96-100 cm
Waist: 80-82 cm
Hips: 105-108 cm

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