Celebrations During Quarantine?

With each season we face with changes, new goals, challenges and experiences come to life with us. In the same way, seasonality affects the world of fashion - new trends, creativity, and the summary of all this - the birth of a new collection.

This year has brought us all a lot of challenges - the extraordinary situation with the Covid-19 virus. We probably don’t really need to talk about it. We know one thing - at the moment we have to learn to live with the situation we are in and to survive this unpleasant period as optimistically as possible. Therefore, we urge you not to miss the holidays, to enjoy the little things, to love yourself, to dress up and celebrate like you have never celebrated !! It's just a must - let's get ready for the most beautiful holidays of the year and it doesn't matter if it takes place in a group of friends, in a luxury restaurant or at home with a loved one.


We’re used to celebrate important dates - and it’s a wonderful habit. Life consists of memorable moments, and how much we have - we decide for ourselves. Will your collection of memories be large?

The birthday celebration cannot be pushed aside, even if the virus is messing up all your plans. It is a special celebration to shine surrounded by your loved ones. Let’s not miss the pleasure of organizing that beautiful day, preparing puzzles, preparing for games, setting the table with your most delicious dishes, dressing up in an exclusive dress, curling your hair and feeling uplifted all day long.

So, as a protest against to the end of the birthday party, we offer you to shine with the new „Ray“ tulle dress or a slightly more modest, but certainly not inferior “Vanila” dress.


One of the most magical holidays of the year takes place during the winter - hardly anyone can deny it. Christmas has no competitors - it is a magical time that surrounds the whole world with goodness, miracles and joy. Typically, these celebrations are commemorated with the family, followed by Christmas parties with friends, work colleagues and so on. If it so happened that we would still have to celebrate these holidays at home without lifting our noses out of the house, let us not be disappointed. Let's create an unforgettable, shiny, cozy holiday among family members. Let's give ourselves and our loved ones a chance to dress up, enjoy the Christmas spirit floating in the air and its warmth.

The “Esther” dress, which creates the image of a snowman, will be extremely suitable for Christmas Eve. Well, to celebrate Christmas we offer with a luxurious "Filipa" dress. Let's save the Christmas spirit together!


The rule of all time - we must welcome the New Year with glitter, luxurious accessories, with a lot of noise, a mountain of fireworks and lots of hot lovers kisses - knocked out at 12:00. Therefore, it really does not matter whether you will welcome the New Year in the city hall in the crowd, or at home in the balcony - you must shine if you want a successful and rich next year !!

With “A.P.Line” you will shine really effortlessly! Here is our beautiful “Palace” or “Lyz” dresses - perfect for a unique, New Year's party.


Of course, we have not forgotten the period when there is still a lot of time to wait before wearing a shiny dress. These days, casual suits are especially relevant to us. Let's spend these days with quality and comfort! Well-being consists of many surrounding factors, one of which is your clothing. It is important that you are happy with the result you see in the mirror and feel comfortable.

You can spend your leisure time comfortably with the “APline” leisure sweater and “Lilo” pants or the versatile “Donna” suit that will be perfect for work and for visiting friends.

You can see the new 2020 autumn / winter collection on our website: www.ap-line.com

With love,