4 Looks for Graduation Party

There is only one school graduation party in life, so we suggest you to greet it flawlessly! This celebration symbolizes much more than a regular school event with adorned students and their smiles. It is a celebration that reminds that 12 levels of science have already been overcome and a new stage of life begins, a new beginning, a big step towards something new. The occasion is special, therefore the feeling must be impeccable.

We have prepared 4 looks that are perfect for the graduation party:


Playful, puffy, tulle skirt dress - hard to find its haters. This dress emphasizes a woman’s upper body, clavicles, exposes the shoulders and back, but is not too open and is perfect for a school celebration. It can be combined with both high-heeled and massive boots - it depends on whether you want to create an elegant or coarser look.


A dress that lifts up to the clouds! Extremely light, pliable, creating a particularly soft image. The dress can be woven with a tulle strap. Will look great at high heels or long over the knee boots. Also, this pattern allows you to accentuate the hands and string to decorate the bracelets.


The Queen of the Event - for those who never have enough, wants more and more expressive! A wonderful, exclusive tulle dress that will take you to the first rows. High-heeled shoes or massive footwear are also suitable for this dress.


For those who love elegance and are prone to perfectionism - a dress with an impeccable silhouette, a long tulle skirt. Looks great when worn without tights or with ultra-thin, body-colored, translucent tights and bright, classic shoes.

With love,