How to Style Fancy Clothes Casually?

We are unlikely to find on this earth a woman who has no hanging dress in the closet worn only once or twice. Especially in these modern times when every event, celebration, birthday or party is filmed and photographed. Preparing for the next holiday and turning your head on what to wear - an unpleasant thought comes “After all, everyone has seen me with this dress. And the camera lens captured it. ” As a result of all this, we leave the dress to hang in the closet, because it is not suitable for everyday wear, and we were already wearing it at the event / celebration. Eventually, we remain laden with “glitter” and run to the store to buy new ones. We want to solve this common problem of every woman and provide examples of how to resurrect a fancy dress for a new life!


By styling this glossy „A.P. Line“ jacket t to high heels, a Malta skirt and ornate accessories, you will create an elegant, festive look. This combination is especially suitable for a work party or a solemn, festive dinner with the family.

The same jacket that allowed you to shine during a special holiday transforms into casual wear. Applying high-necked golf, massive shoes, classic Alisa pants and everyday accessories, you create a flawless and stylish look for a working week.


The “Dreamer” dress is perfect for celebrating a birthday, welcoming a New Year's Eve or enjoying a dance performance "Spragtukas" while waiting for the big year holidays.

A sexy, luxurious dress that exposes the shoulders is the first thought that comes to mind: "Wear only on a special occasion." We have created a line of clothing that will unequivocally deny this sentence! When combined with mustard colors, “Juta” sweater, winter hat, massive shoes or sports, massive shoes - we create a particularly stylish and modern look of today.


The “Vera” dress seems to immerse you in a winter fairy tale and create wonderful, festive moods. With its snow whiteness and like a halo of snowflakes, on the bottom of the dress, this model acquires elegance and festivity.

Thus, we state that “There is no situation without a way out”, and those solutions can be particularly stylish and simple, together with A.P. Line! Let’s get ready for the upcoming holidays wisely! By matching the classic “A.P. Line "jacket, long, low shoes, and a non-binding handbag - you can go to a meeting with friends. With this look, we create a feminine, high-quality, modern and at the same time classic style.