Useful Style Tips for Capsule Wardrobe

Create a capsule wardrobe that you can apply at work and in your free time. The capsule should consist of universal and matching clothing.

Let's start from the bottom to the top. Pants - you can have them just a few. Classic jeans and classic pencil pants. It is important that they fit your figure perfectly, highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages (if you think they exist. BUT remember that perfection lies in the uniqueness with each line of your scar or stretch marks). By choosing such pants, you will be free to play with combinations. By wearing a simple short sleeve T-shirt - you will look stylish and casual, however by choosing an easily falling shirt combined with a clutch bag - you can go for a luxurious dinner.

Also, let's not forget our feminine advantages - wearing skirts. The capsule should also contain skirts. It is best to choose a universal model that is also non-binding. It can be a pleated, half-length skirt or a short, mini skirt. These skirt models will allow you to move freely, you will be able to wear them both with shirts at work and with short tops in a nightclub. A pencil skirt, or a skirt all the way to the ground, would definitely not allow you to do all this.

Let’s get to the top - golf, shirts, oversized shirts, casual shirts. All these listed outerwear are perfect for wearing under a jacket, leather jacket, raincoat. Well and of course the capsule must have a jacket. Can be extended, or "masculine" style, wider shoulders - which is especially fashionable next season. You will be able to combine all these clothes with each other, change just a few details and create a new, stylish look again. Once you have created such a capsule of clothes, you will forget what the sentence "I have nothing to dress!" means.

Of course, footwear also occupies a particularly important place in the creation of a stylish outfit. However, at this point, we advise you to rely on female intuition and be in your mood. You want to wear a short skirt paired with boots instead of high heels – do it! Be bold, because with such a basic style, the shoes will only bring vividness and you will look amazing with any choice – these clothes are not overloaded and do not have exclusive details.

Best wishes,