What do Women Want. "Smart" Shopping.

In the video of the talented comedian Milda Noreikaitė we hear these words “I want to buy something. I want to buy things. Even a lot. I want to buy. ” - this illustrates a feeling that is very familiar for all of us. If it happened that you have not seen this video yet - we offer to sincerely laugh with us and admit that in it, each of us finds ourselves (watch the video).

However, we’re not about bloggers, comedians or other artists, or social networkers. We started the conversation with you about Milda’s post, not by accident. What happens that we want to buy and no matter what, how much and whether we need that item/service at all? The simplest answer is that this is how we produce happiness hormones and feel happy while shopping. The human body secretes many substances that provide pleasant sensations, such as a good mood, euphoria. And who may not like such feelings? But the question is what is the duration of these sensations.

Buying just because of that feeling of “wanting to buy” is not commendable and you probably know that. Like your account balance. Reckless shopping can not only not bring you any benefit, but also cause harm. What? Various - monetary damage, ecological damage, damage to your closet shelves. As we mentioned, various damages. But we can avoid all this by thinking carefully about our purchases or with the help of stylists.


The first thing you should do when buying holiday attire is to answer a few questions for yourself. Your goal is to create an impressive look and it doesn’t matter at all whether the chosen outfit will be used again? Your goal is to wear the purchased clothing more than once? Your goal is to adapt the purchased clothes for both parties and every day? All of these 3 goals can be accomplished with ease, but you must first know what your expectations are in order to meet them.

To create an impressive look we can offer dresses with tulle or exclusive details. This will create a particularly festive mood and will most likely become the charm of the whole evening.

To use a dress/holiday outfit more than once and not twice, choose more versatile models. Don’t choose particularly vivid colors or exclusive details. This way the dress will decorate you and you will definitely be able to apply the same outfit on many other occasions.

Practical clothes can be worn at the party, at work or out in the city while drinking coffee! How to implement it? Play with details, accessories, and choose clothes that are versatile, without additional, exclusive details. When you wear a Tiger dress, pair it with boots or sneakers. By matching ornate accessories, high heels, and highlighted lips to the Tiger (click) or Tigertti (click) dress - you can definitely go to the wedding and greet your friends in this beautiful moment.


At present, we pay special attention to comfortable and practical casual wear. Let’s create fashion at home and in our backyards when we don’t have the opportunity to do it on trips or in restaurants! However, you should not make a mistake when choosing a suit - it would be a pity to fold it and leave it forgotten in the closet.

When choosing a suit - pay attention to its model and the type of your figure. Answer the question, do you want the sweater to be short, or up to the hips, and possibly covering the hips and oversized? Well, of course, the important part is color. If a color is trendy, it really doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Choose colors that suit you and consider how often you promise to wear them. If you buy a white casual suit - it should probably be classified as a "holiday suit" - otherwise, the suit, worn every day, can become mottled even if you don't want to. So we advise you not to give in to the seller's beauty spells and before clicking the "buy" button - consider these few questions and answer them honestly.

You can create your own personal “questionnaire” in each shopping category and it doesn’t matter if it’s home appliances or groceries. Raise the question of how your chosen purchase will change your daily routine and decide whether it was useful for you or it just seemed that way.

Let's shop smart!