Wedding Party Dresses

We’re probably not mistaken that every little girl first starts dreaming not about her future husband, but about the wedding. "And who is that man for? I need a wedding! And fabulous dress."

So what will that fabulous dress be like when that long-awaited moment comes? If you are looking for a bridal dress, second wedding dress, wedding guest dress or bridesmaid dress, you’ve come to the right place! In any case, we really have something to offer.


When you create that special day without luxurious and solemn ceremonies, you prefer minimalism and modernity. Our offer “Barsa”, “Bumbul” and "Kipra" dresses.


Tulle will always give the image of glamour and luxury. It depends on what look you are aiming to create and how much solemn celebration you are planning or taking part in. A great choice both for the bride and for a guest at the wedding - "Spani", "Maldiv" or "Dabi" tulle dresses.


We often understand sexuality banally - legs, chest, tummy. However, by exposing your back, with the right and perfect clothes for you, you can detonate the whole bombshell of sexuality! It’s really not necessary to show long legs or a flat stomach. Dresses with open back brings mystery and charm to the entire image being created. “Kankuna”, “Varmerr” and "Kvyn" dresses will easily allow you to achieve such a goal.

With love -G.