Open Doors. About Us.

For all of us in life there are opening doors in many areas. Well, if not the door, then as they say - the window will always open! Our window during this quarantine was a media platform - thanks to it we were able to keep in touch with you, share our creations, complement your closet and hearts. From Facebook, Instagram, and online store we will definitely not disappear anywhere, but we are glad to announce that A.P.Line's physical store has opened its doors to you again. We are waiting for each of you in Kaunas, Tvirtoves al. 86-2.

What can you discover in the studio and not in the social media?

Here you will always have a team that will easily help you choose the right model, color, fabric. In the studio, you will usually find only the size of S/M clothes. For this reason, we provide an unusual service - we measure you on the spot and make the clothes according to YOUR MEASUREMENTS. During such an order, we can adjust the length and details of the selected clothing. If you are of standard dimensions - you can also order the usual and well-known sizes XS, S, M, L. We implement orders in a really short time (4-14 working days). If you have an upcoming occasion very soon - you can always contact us and we will see what we can do to make the product reach you by the date you need!


In the studio you will ALWAYS find a SALE hall where clothes are discounted and prices start from 19.00 eur.! This hall is only visible to customers visiting our physical store. Soc. networks customers are periodically cheered up with other discounts on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Online store and social networks do not have all photos and colors of the product. When visiting the studio, you can see exclusive models that are not displayed online, and all colors – in short, a wide variety of goods.

Variety of dresses

100 different dress models. Want wide and loose? We have! Want to be sexy and waisted? Yes! Want a particularly festive, tulle-decorated and fragrant luxury? There! Or maybe casual, comfortable and stylish? Without problems! All you have to do is choose and we will create your perfect look.

For rest and comfort

We can dress up and look splendid, but we can also shine in our free time with comfortable and high-quality leisure clothes. Let femininity, style and charm not disappear when you jump into training.

Shopping is one of the most exciting and enjoyable things. Let's enjoy!